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A Leadership Style: Whitney Whitis

A Leadership Style: Whitney Whitis

A Leadership Style: Dr. Whitney Whitis

Meet Dr. Whitney Whitis, mom, wife, physician and first lady of Cincinnati. Just in her introduction of roles, Whitney happily meets the definition of “multi-faceted woman.” And being such, taking care of her wellness becomes a priority to healthily fulfill these large and important facets of her life.

Dr. Whitis is an internist for Tri Health’s Bethesda North hospital where she treats admitted patients suffering from heart attacks to COVID-19 and many things in between. Ever since she was younger, she knew she wanted to be a physician but wasn’t sure she would be able to make it. 

“I am really happy I stuck to my goal,” says Dr. Whitis. “ My upbringing brings a unique perspective and helps me connect with my patients. The medical field is tough but I really love my career.” 

Outside of work, Dr. Whitis is also a mom of a three-year-old and a wife to Cincinnat’s Mayor Aftab. Even though she has an incredibly busy schedule balancing personal life mixed in with a political, first lady life, Dr. Whitis makes time for her wellness by cooking food at home and regularly exercising.  

She says, “As a physician, wellness is very important to me but can also be very difficult to achieve.  I try to cook as much as possible, I do crossfit and most importantly I have an amazing support system in my husband, family and friends.”

If you ever had the chance to meet Dr. Whitis in-person, you might be surprised to learn she qualifies herself as an introvert. While her social wellness is a skill she very much excels in, her much-needed energy comes from quiet downtime. 

On the outside, it might look like Dr. Whitis finds balance easily while wearing many hats. But in reality, her professional, political and family “hats” are challenging to maintain, and she admits this wellness skill is something she’s still working on. 

But when times are tough and life gets overwhelming, Dr. Whitis knows she can turn to her friends and family for support. She says, “ I have such a strong support network in my family, coworkers and friends and they really help me get through difficult times”

“A Leadership Style” is a column authored by WISe Wellness Guild founder Stevi Gable Carr and powered by Crunchmaster Crackers aimed at celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness.

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