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Your Summer Tonic: A Guided Program for Women Seeking More

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Do you ever feel like you are going through the motions, sort of getting through each day, but not necessarily living fully? Maybe it seems like something is missing, like something is sort of off and needs to change, but you aren't sure where to start. It could even be that you are at the point of exhaustion, overwhelm, and shut down...

Welcome to Your Summer Tonic!

Through each session, you will reconnect with yourself. You will make space for bringing in more of your truth. You will have more awareness of your patterns, more understanding of your essence, and more clarity on how to be a fuller version of yourself.

Together, we will explore major aspects of our lives, such as boundaries, our bodies and nervous systems, our identities, feminine energy, and our fears. Throughout the journey, we will give compassion to where we are now, and feel into where we would like to make meaningful shifts. We will balance our needs for softness, slowing down, and simply being, with the energy to create, do, and enact.

You will come out of each session with greater awareness, understanding, and compassion for yourself. In joining us throughout the program, you will identify and take action on making meaningful change in your way of being, and take away skills to continue the flow of making aligned shifts beyond the last session.

The Details:

  • Sessions will be held in person at Leeta Ruth Boutique in Ludlow, KY
  • We will meet 7-8:30pm ET on the following dates:
    • 7/26   It Starts Within: Understanding our Nervous Systems
    • 8/9     Release with Clarity: Boundaries and Making Space
    • 8/23   Grounded Knowing: Ego vs. Essence
    • 9/6     The Other Way: Remembering the Flow of Femininity 
    • 9/20   Loving our Fears: Finding Wholeness in What Keeps us Stuck
    • 10/4   Integration, Connection, and Celebration (this session is free to anyone who attends 2 or more prior evenings)
  • The price is $40 per session and you are welcome to join us on whichever evenings work for you - it is not required to attend them all
  • If you attend 3 or more sessions, you will receive a complimentary 50 minute 1:1 session with Meagan Connley
  • To learn more about the topic for each session, or to ask any other questions, email Meagan at or follow on IG @meaganconnley

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