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The Christ Hospital Precision Medicine

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Your genetic profile can reveal how your body will respond to certain treatments and medications. Precision Medicine, sometimes called personalized medicine, is a groundbreaking approach that matches patients with the treatment that will work best for them, based on their unique genetic make-up. The concept is not new. But in recent years, precision medicine has grown rapidly, thanks to advancements in genetic testing and science. 

At The Christ Hospital, we are making Precision Medicine a priority to help people experience better health. Burns C. Blaxall, PhD, is our program director of Precision Medicine. Dr. Blaxall works with our physicians and clinical teams to expand The Christ Hospital’s Precision Medicine offerings.

Stevi sits with Dr. Burns C. Blaxall, PhD and discusses the latest technologies in Precision Medicine and breast cancer prevention in this WISe Well Within 10 podcast interview:

Read more about how Precision Medicine is transforming the way we prevent and treat breast cancer here:

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