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Small Business Coaching

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Coaching Session Options:

Concept Business Coaching (1 hour)

This session is for someone thinking of starting up a business or adding a new line of services to their existing business. We will look at various aspects of the process to determine if it is a feasible idea.

Small Business Coaching (1 hour)
This session is for anyone that runs a small business that needs a sounding board, connections, guidance (I call it bumper rails). It is session to get you focused on your next steps to creating the success you want.

Marketing and Profitability Coaching (1 hour)
How do marketing and profitability go side by side? Do you know what a customer costs you? More importantly, do you know what revenue a customer gives you? In this session, we will survey your marketing options and how it can increase your profitability. We will also inspect your operation at a high level to see where we can save time and money.

Problem Solving Ideation Session (1 hour)
This session is for someone that feels stuck or overwhelmed by their business. We will flush out the problems or obstacles standing in the way of the next steps in the business. We will create options and prioritize these options.

Next Step Session (1 hour)
Don't know where to take your business? Pivot, flexibility, transformation, remote workers, are all trending keywords in this world. However, you are not sure how to take your business in a different direction or to the next level. Perhaps you have too many ideas or not enough. In this session, we will explore ways to raise you and your business to the next level.

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Title: Small Business Coaching

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review