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Practice Growers Thrive Circle

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With psychologist, Dr. Ashley Solomon
Next Session Starts September 22, 2022

Building a practice based on your deepest values is rewarding beyond measure -- and it can be lonely, confusing, a nerve-wracking as hell. You want to grow and do what you love (and are stellar at) and yet there are just so many decisions to be made and obstacles popping up along the way. 

Marketing, pricing, networking, forms, systems, legal issues, accounting, facilities, hiring… it’s a lot. Oh, and then there's the service you're providing.

The good news is that we can do hard things. And we can do hard things better when we do them togetherThe Thrive Circle for women building practices is designed to provide the support needed to help your work have a bigger presence in the world while you stay sane. 

The Thrive Circle is set up like a mastermind group in which a small, committed group of women come together biweekly to challenge, inspire, support, and hold each other accountable to our practice goals.

Sessions will also include guest experts to provide their best tools in areas of marketing, legal practices, and financial systems. 

And you'll also be connected to a alumnae network of practice growers where you'll have access to best practices, resources, and targeted feedback. 

The most successful leaders around the world recognize the value of a team of motivated confidantes dedicating themselves to their own and each other’s growth. And what do women business owners need now more than ever? A team.

We’ll meet every other Tuesday morning from 11:00-12:00 ET. This frequency will ensure that we’re tracking to everyone’s goals but we’re not overwhelming your schedule. 

The cost is $50-85 per session (12 sessions) based on economic circumstance.

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