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Ditching Dieting Thrive Circle

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With dietitian, Kelly Jewell and psychologist, Dr. Amber Stevens

Next Session Starts September 21, 2022!

Cultivating peace and satisfaction in a sea of diet culture and fatphobia is some of the bravest work that we can do as women. It can also feel isolating and defeating to fight back against systems that are designed to uphold the norm and continue to perpetuate negative messaging about our bodies.

Dr. Amber Stevens and Registered Dietitian, Kelly Jewell, have teamed up to provide tools for the journey, helping to reframe old paradigms of health and support developing new relationships with food and our bodies.

Women in this Thrive Circle are ready to give up a life-long battle with dieting and to start practicing skills of self-compassion, self-connection, and more joyful eating practices. If that sounds challenging, that's why the circle is so powerful. It's a non-judgmental, intimate space to ask questions, find community, and to share in this journey together.

How do we connect? 

We’ll meet weekly virtually for 8 weeks via Zoom.

When and how often do we meet?

Weekly on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:00pm EST starting September 21, 2022 and ending November 9, 2022.