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Crack the Money Code for Your Wealth

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Understand - Achieve - Plan

Remember the "old boy's club"? You know the one where men closed deals over cigars and golf clubs? Ever wonder what you need to do to create an "old girls' network" or better yet -- whether or not we even needed one? 

What if we told you that each and every one of you has a "money code"?

Come explore how your belief system and money code impact how you create your dreams, earn money, and pursue action plans for success. You can be the architect of your future! All you need to be successful is a clear North Star to guide you, money to make it happen, and a plan that makes sense for YOUR life!
The program let's you integrate the new plan into your already busy life!


This 6-Module Program Lets You Work At Your Own Pace!

This course is a combination of DIY online programs to take at your own pace, with workbooks for each session.

You get access to Liz via WhatsApp anytime you get stuck, want to brainstorm, or celebrate great progress. At the end of the program, you’ll have:

  • A 5-year roadmap with a vision that really excites you.
  • An activity plan for the next 12 months.
  • New habits to have your "brain" be your partner for success.