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Activation Is Everywhere

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A new year can start whenever you decide to claim it

Activating the year of your dreams means aligning to your Truth.

But it’s not what you may think it is…


Aligning to call in your desires isn’t all roses & sunshine, and this isn’t about creating a year in which you feel nothing but joy - it’s quite the contrary.


Because without the fear, you wouldn’t ever feel brave


Without the heartbreak, you’d never soak in the beauty of

a loving, healthy partner


And without the backstabbing friend, you’d never cherish

your genuine connections


This is about expanding your capacity for your desires so that you can not only call them in, but you can also receive them & HOLD them when they show up.


Let this year be the one you ACTIVATE.


This world needs you, and it will never be the same after you step out of the fears of the mind & activate all that you are within.


Are you ready to ACTIVATE?

What You'll Receive:

A Masterclass To Activate Your Desires

Grab your beverage of choice and settle in for a class unlike any other.


I will guide you in redefining what receiving means for you, and how to open up to create space to receive the life of your dreams.


You'll have lifetime access to this class so you can refer back to it as often as you'd like!

A Powerful EFT Tapping

EFT tapping will lock in your ability to receive like nothing else out there!


Tapping is powerful because it gets you out of your mind and into your body, while addressing your subconscious mind,


The best thing about tapping is that once you learn the basics, you can do it on your own whenever you need it!


You'll receive BOTH a video & an audio file of the tapping so you can see it, and have it in a convenient audio file to listen to wherever you are.


A Soothing Meditation

This meditation is the icing on the cake!


Allow your nervous system to relax and rest as you open to receive all that the DIVINE has to offer.


This is a convenient audio file so you can listen to it whenever you want. This meditation is designed to help you quiet the mind & be reminded of how receiving is everywhere once you allow yourself to see it.

A Guided Inner Voice Experience

This audio recording will guide you in tuning into your Inner Voice. Whether this is the first time experiencing your Inner Voice, or you have an established Inner Voice practice, this will help you to allow your Inner Voice to show up in big ways to guide you in activating your desires.

A Special Gift, Just For You


I don't know about you, but I LOVE gifts, and I want to gift you with something special & customized to the DIVINITY IS EVERYWHERE product you select. You'll be able to use this item while you're listening to the lesson, the meditation, or during your EFT tapping practice. 


Gifts may include a reiki-infused candle, custom essential oil blend, cleansing bundle, or more -

I allow my Inner Voice to guide this process. This gift may be handmade by me, or purchased by a local artisan.

 Trust that the perfect addition to your ritual will arrive right at your doorstep
in divine timing.

Your Divine Prescription

Kick things off with a bang by watching the class, then follow it up by listening to the guided meditation & practicing the EFT tapping everyday for 30 days


Then watch as the shifts start to unfold before you.


It won't be long before you witness how ACTIVATION IS EVERYWHERE