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The Surgeonista


Welcome To Next-Level Skin Health.


Join Dr. Gina Maccarone, The Surgeonista, for a month-long skin health virtual circle aimed at helping you to achieve your skincare goals 2022.  Whether its anti-aging, brightening, acne management or texture management, Dr. Maccarone's 30-day program will help you see results. 

How It Works:
1) You've already taken the first incredible step in investing in your skin health by signing up for this Skin Health Circle.

2) Take this pre-questionnaire. Dr. Maccarone will schedule an individual :15 pre-consult with Dr. Maccarone. Note: the price of program could vary pending product adjustments made during consultation with Dr. Maccarone.

3) You will receive your regimen in 7-10 business days prior to the beginning of the circle.

4) 4-Week Virtual Skin Health Circle will begin. 
  • Week 1- Getting Started: application/regimen tips, photo capture 1
  • Week 2- Hydrate, Moisturize, Cleanse: moisturizing agents, water rituals, photo capture 2
  • Week 3- Protect + Glow: SPF, Vitamin C, Power Defense, self-tanner recommendations, photo capture 3
  • Week 4- Smooth + Clear: Exfoliating, active ingredients for regeneration, photo capture 4

5) Closing: Post-questionnaire, schedule an individual :15 post-consult with Dr. Maccarone