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How to Set Up a Product

Now that your Seller Profile is active, let's set up a product for sale in your shop.

Step 1 – Add a New Product

Step 1 – Add a New Product

If you're not already logged in, log in to your Seller Dashboard below.

Go to Products > Product Listings.

Then, in the top right-hand side, click the green ADD PRODUCT button.

Seller Portal Login
Step 2 – Add Product Details

Step 2 – Add Product Details

Fill in all required fields. This includes:

• Choose Product

Enter "Normal Product" in the CHOOSE PRODUCT field if your product is a physical object that will be shipped to the customer. Enter "Digital Product" if your product is downloadable after purchase.

• Product Name

• Product Type > Enter "Product"

• Product Description

• Pricing Details*

*WISe keeps 5% of all sales on the platform. Adjust your price accordingly.

• Product Image (at least one)

Click to SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

Additional product details that are NOT required, but may be useful for your specific products include:

• Shipping Details (weight)

• Variant Details (for example, size or color options)

Step 3 – Product Verification

Step 3 – Product Verification

In your Product Listing, you will now see your product STATUS is set to "Approval Pending."

A WISe team member will review and approve your product within 24 hours.

We will ensure your product is set up correctly and tagged properly so that your product appears in all relative Collections in the WISe Wellness Marketplace.

Step 4 – View Your Product in the Marketplace

Step 4 – View Your Product in the Marketplace

You will receive email notification once your product is approved!

1) To view your approved product, to to Products > Product Listings to now see your product STATUS is set to "Approved."

Click on the three dots to the right of your product listing, then click to EDIT.

2) On your product page, click the green VIEW IN STORE button to see how your product displays on the platform.

Make any edits you see fit!

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