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CrossFit Elements

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The Cincinnati Health Collective, fueled by CrossFit, is proud to welcome you to CrossFit Cincinnati. The original CrossFit affiliate in Cincinnati, and one of the first 500 CrossFit gyms in the world, CrossFit Cincinnati was among the most forward-thinking functional fitness affiliates in the early days of the CrossFit movement.

Under new management as of April 1, 2021, CrossFit Cincinnati is positioning itself at the forefront of functional fitness once again with innovative programming, integrative wellness coaching, nutrition training and coaches who are relentlessly driven to deliver CrossFit at the highest possible level. The CrossFit Cincinnati community is strong and vibrant and full of athletes who deeply care about their journey to maintain and improve fitness over a lifetime.

Rae Hatten, Head Coach and Gym Manager, leads the fitness ecosystem at CrossFit Cincinnati, taking the community the next level in the practice of functional fitness and general physical preparedness. 

Drop in for just $20 and
 explore our community— we want to meet you and would be honored to have you join our journey!