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Mempodera: Road to Tokyo T-Shirt

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Brazilian Olympic Wrestler Aline Silva is headed for Tokyo 2020  and wants to use her platform to make a difference in the lives of others through founding Mempodera, a social impact program that empowers girls through sport and learning English in Brazil. Aline's mission is to empower more women to achieve their dreams and be warriors against poverty, violence and inequality.

Purchase A Shirt. Change A Life.

Purchase a limited edition Road to Tokyo t-shirt for $42 and all proceeds will benefit Mempodora.  Free Shipping. Tax Not included.  Available in both adult and children's sizes. 3-6 weeks ship time.   

Additional donations can be made to Mempodera via PayPal

About Aline Silva

Aline became the first medalist for Brazil in Wrestling, winning Silver at the World Cup and recently Bronze at the 2021 Pan American Games. Aline is also a 3 Sergeant of the Navy of Brazil, graduated university in Physical Education.  But life hasn't always seemed "award winning" for Aline.  At 11 years old, Alene fell into alcohol induced coma and changed her life thanks to the transformational agent of sport. Her Mom, in an attempt to keep her off the streets as a single mother, enrolled Aline into a new school that offered extracurricular activities such as Judo. This immersion gave her a new love, influenced her behavior and mindset to rise to the very top.

Size: Unisex XS