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1:1 Inner Voice Session

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It goes by lots of names:

Glennon Doyle calls it The Knowing

The Bible calls it The Peace Beyond All Understanding

Psychology calls it the Id

Some refer to it as the Intuition

I call it the Inner Voice

Whatever you call it, it's all the same, and it's within you in this very moment. 

An Inner Voice session is an opportunity to quiet the noise of the mind and hear from the part of you that knows your Truth.

If you're here, your Inner Voice wants to speak to you - to share with you it's guidance on relationships, money, career, global issues, and more. 

​No more seeking answers from "experts". When you have a relationship with your Inner Voice, you walk with a knowing that the answers you seek are all within you. 

Take the first step in cultivating this new relationship, and book your session today!

Tell me - do any of these sound familiar?

You're walking through life: ​

  • With a desire to get in touch with the wisdom of your Intuition

  • Holding onto questions you’re afraid to ask the Inner Self

  • Wanting to learn how to take aligned action

  • Craving understanding with the direction of your life

  • Having a big decision to make and don’t know what the right choice is 

  • Feeling lost in life and are seeking a sense of tranquility ​

  • Finding yourself reaching to diets and comparing yourself to others instead of acceptance with where you are

  • Turning to friends, family and colleagues for advice instead of trusting your Inner Self for guidance

  • Unable to tell the difference between the mind and the Inner Self

What is Inner Voice Work?

You might also call it your intuition, a gut feeling, or an instinct.

Have you ever had a “knowing” where you acted not necessarily out of reason but out of following your intuition? What if you could tune into that inner voice as much as you’d like to guide you through life? What if you could tap into the wisdom of your Inner Voice to guide you in finding harmony between your mind, body & Intuition?

Just as you are more than your body, you’re also more than your mind. Tapping into your Inner Voice clears away the chatter of the mind to tune into the peace, calm & guidance within you.

Through Inner Voice work, you can learn to tap into your own infinite wisdom within you at this very moment. The truth is, all the answers you’re looking for are inside you and I am here to guide you to tap back into yours. How would you move through life if you knew the answers were already within you?

An Inner Voice session is a 2-hour virtual audio Zoom call in which you'll be in a deep state of awareness, completely tuning out of the noise of the mind and tuning into the wisdom of your Inner Voice.  These sessions will empower you to differentiate between your fears that might be holding you back and tune into the guidance of the Inner Voice to make aligned decisions. Once you’ve harnessed this power, the possibilities are endless! You can utilize the guidance of your inner voice to heal negative body image, discover your life's purpose, pursue your dream career, heal relationships, and more.

You'll also receive this recorded session so you can refer back to it whenever you'd like!

To learn more and to book your session head to:

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