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Mindful Creativity Session

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Lilac & Indigo is here to nourish your organization with mindful creativity. Participants will leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and with their own customized wellness tools.

Mindful Creativity Sessions

Participants Will:

  • Have the opportunity for creativity, relaxation, and introspection in an intentional environment.

  • Be able to identify how mindfulness can support their unique wellness goals.

  • Have increased self-awareness.

  • Be able to recognize their own symptoms of overwhelm and can identify which practices + tools to use.

  • Have a greater capacity to handle complex emotions/experiences vs. avoiding them.


  • Multi-Week Session Facilitation

  • DIY Wellness Kit for each participant

  • Handouts for each session

  • Unlimited digital access to Journal Prompts + Exercises between sessions

Can be booked as a series or as a single session. Click below for more information on pricing.