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The Well 52: Molly Woodhull of Woodhull Wellness

The Well 52: Molly Woodhull of Woodhull Wellness

Molly Woodhull, Founder and CEO, Woodhull Wellness

What is the most important thing you do for your wellness?
I find moments of joy within each day and create healthy boundaries! This helps me balance work, play, and family. This means I have to integrate micro mindfulness and micro meditation practices often throughout my life.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to other women?
You are powerful, you are more than enough, and if you wanna start your own biz, just go for it. I think something women have that others don’t is our ability to connect and utilize each other as resources. Feel empowered to ask your fellow women for help, warmth and advice to move yourself forward.

What is one quote/ mantra you live by?

I have two..."Peace begins with me" "All will be well"

Brag on yourself- what is something you are REALLY proud of?
Really proud of my community! I love the people that I’m around these days. And I feel grateful each day to have these people to support me both in business and in my personal life. My strong community has helped me build Woodhull Wellness to what it is today and I would not be there here without them!

I’m also really proud of working with people and corporations across the world from hospitals to school systems to tech companies in Cali. I am totally proud of myself for this because I make a positive impact on the people and organization I work with! Wow I'm lucky.

I am working on developing new programming to support onboarding efforts for new employees within organizations. This will support the mental health and wellness employees and create a strong foundation for new employees. I also am working on creating programs to support the mental wellness and progress of employees that take sabbatical. These new programs marry nicely with my current lunch & learns, online programs, and focus on realistic self-care, micro mindfulness and micro meditation! Keep your eyes out!

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