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The Role of Energy Healing in Health and Wellness

The Role of Energy Healing in Health and Wellness

Sue McLaughlin of Inner Source Living

The definition of healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. For me, a piece is missing from this definition. The human body needs to become whole again to be healthy and sound. It is divinely designed to work as a whole or holistically – mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, in order for the human body to be fully healed, it must become whole again.

The body has a natural ability to adapt or reset after short periods of intense stress when allowed to recover.

Such as when an athlete takes time off after a competition. Or, an employee takes a “mental health” day after the completion of a major project or presentation.

However, after or while in a long period of intense stress, it can be difficult for the body to naturally reset itself because the high-stress state becomes its new normal.

Energy healing helps the human body to reset and reconnect to its whole self. Healing can range from getting re-energized through bodywork to intuitive work which goes deeper by identifying subconscious influencers such as limiting beliefs and negative experiences challenging the ability to change and transition into a healthier, happier way of living.

Energy healing is the embodiment piece of the puzzle for the client. The body stores traumatic experiences and emotions, much like muscle memory. Once experiences from the past and behavioral patterns which are no longer positively serving them are identified, they can be let go or reframed into something positive. Finding the core or root of when things got stuck is important as some of our subconscious influencers are generationally handed down to us.

While energy healing is not new, it is becoming more accepted as more people look for gentle, noninvasive methods of healing and maintaining their health and well-being.

It is safe for all ages to receive energy healing. With very young clients, a parent may be used as a surrogate. Energy Healing can even be done via telehealth. Distance appointments allow the client to heal in the safety of their sanctuary space.

Energy healing works well when it is a part of one’s overall healing protocol. Many clients are also working with psychologists, counselors, physicians, or coaches. Having a full team to support them creates long-lasting results.

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Medically reviewed by Cheryl Crumpler, PhD

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