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Big Change Through Small Business Sales

Big Change Through Small Business Sales

We believe that small business represent the pulse of our local culture, and when partnered with the broader capability and influence of corporate partners, these businesses can drive meaningful change in our communities. 

WISe Wellness Guild aims to advance people, particularly women, through whole-self wellness, helping people to achieve peak performance and avoid burnout.  WISe partners with small businesses to grow, scale and amplify brands, experts and resources through our Small Business Memberships. We provide advertising, strategic guidance and a platform for growth through forging strong relationships between both businesses and customers.

That's why we're keeping things affordable.  Membership is by invitation only and starts at just $12/mo and any sales of products or services take a nominal a 5% convenience fee + tax.  We're trying to invest in the whole-self wellness of entrepreneurs to keep our communities healthy and humming.

To learn more about our Small Business Memberships click below. 

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