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Cathy's Coaching Corner: Your Business Body Image

Cathy's Coaching Corner: Your Business Body Image

Welcome to Cathy's Coaching Corner, where each month Cathy Lindemann, WISe Wellness Guild's Small Business Coach-in-Residence, will present business tips to help small business owners become "unstuck" for immediate growth.

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What does your body of products say about your business?

Everyone looks at their body differently and so it is true with businesses as well. This month I want you to look at the body of products you offer. Just like when you look in a mirror to see your best side, your products need to reflect the best about your business.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do my products say about me? Step back and critically view your body of products to see if they align with your business vision and mission.

A 360 degree mirror doesn’t hide anything. Use a critical eye and look at your products from different vantage points, always keeping your business mission in mind. Focus on these key points and promote your best features:

Do you offer trial products? It’s important to entice new customers with trials or introductory offers. You also want to continue to catch the eye of existing customers and expand their loyalty to your brand with ways to experiment and try new product lines.

Do you offer value and high-end products? An exclusive line and a value-price line will attract different customers. Do your available products reflect the needs and wants of your target customer?

Do you cater to busy people? Sometimes a glance in the mirror is all the time there is before tackling the next item on the to-do list. Do you make it easy for your busiest customers to have continuous access to your products through subscriptions or standing orders?

Which products are the easiest to sell/produce? As a business owner you know the cost to manufacture, market, and fulfill orders for each of your products. Is there a balance to your product portfolio?

Which products are the most profitable? To grow your business, focus clearly on your most profitable products.

Which products do customers love most? Do these products align with your business strategy? Offer products that highlight your best features.

Take the time to audit your products and confirm they align with your business mission and vision. Your confidence will grow when your body of products reflects the best you have to offer your customer.

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Cathy Lindemann is President of Evolution Creative Solutions and on the Steering Committee for WBENC Ohio River Valley and Founding Member of WISe Wellness Guild. Cathy specializes in helping small businesses become "unstuck" for immediate growth and supporting strategic growth through WISe partnerships. Follow Cathy on Instagram @lindemanncathy, or connect with Cathy on LinkedIn at

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