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Growing a business is measured in milestones. You hit one goal and move on to the next. Often entrepreneurs are so eager for success they charge from goal to goal without stopping. My challenge for you this month is to schedule time to reflect, accept, and celebrate the current state of your business. 

“You are growing a business and it will thrive on positive feedback. Talk to your business and tell it what you like so far. Accept where you are now by celebrating the moment and then move on.” - Cathy Lindemann

Reflect on your business goals. Schedule time to review your business goals and determine where you are on the path to achievement. Understand the factors that contribute to goals that are met as well as goals delayed. Whether you are ahead of schedule or behind, make sure you are clear about what you have achieved and where you’re headed next. 

Accept your current state of business. If your business is working, then you’ve managed to achieve some goals along the way to your ultimate success. Don’t wait until you hit that major milestone to celebrate. Goals can change and evolve and waiting for the perfect time to celebrate may mean you never celebrate. Trust that your business is right where it is and accept your business development at this moment.

Celebrate! Business success happens in baby steps. Celebrate these steps daily, weekly, and monthly. Include your support team, employees, and vendors and savor the moments together. Share why you are celebrating. Have you reached a goal? Moved toward the next step? Overcome an unexpected obstacle or set back? Whatever the reason, make a joyful occasion out of it and then move on.  

When you take the time to celebrate the smallest of steps as well as the major achievements, you will feel encouraged and energized. Accept where your business is today and celebrate the moment and then get back into action building your way to further success. 

We want to celebrate with you! Tell us what you are most proud of having accomplished in your business over the past month! 

Cathy Lindemann is President of Evolution Creative Solutions and on the Steering Committee for WBENC Ohio River Valley and Founding Member of WISe Wellness Guild. Cathy specializes in helping small businesses become "unstuck" for immediate growth and supporting strategic growth through WISe partnerships.

Follow Cathy on Instagram @lindemanncathy, connect with Cathy on LinkedIn at or book a coaching session with her

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