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2022 Wrapped @ WISe

2022 Wrapped @ WISe

As we say “au revoir” to 2022, I’m reflecting on the last year of WISe Wellness Guild. When I look back on this past year, 3 words come to mind: Intentional, Ambitious and Brave.


Our purpose has always been to advance humans through whole-self wellness, supporting peak performance and avoiding burnout.  WISe is committed to doing this through intentional partnerships and integrating  DE&I into wellness.

The outcome: in 2022 WISe facilitated over 300+ programming, sales and advertising opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses across the country, generating over $4.5MM in value.

In 2023 we will strengthen our already rigorous vetting process to better establish clear values alignment, ensuring delivery of quality and value for clients and consumers.  Explore our brands on the WISe Marketplace.


WISe Wellness Guild’s goal is to lift while we climb with our sights on proving that social impact and capitalism can coexist.  We selectively partner with only the best of the best in wellness to create a win-win-win between corporate businesses, small businesses and people seeking to be well.



In 2022, we said “no”- and “no” created space for “yes.” WISe stepped away from relationships, partnerships and conditions that didn’t serve our purpose, mission and vision to create space for things that were meant for us.

In our most recent feature in CanvasRebel I share the very real “growing pains” of business, the stark reality of “what got us here won’t get us there” and the pride I feel for our resilience in the pivot. 

This year we moved into our new office in 1628 Ltd that has provided us the community space we’ve always dreamed of.  I’m so proud of our refreshed approach, our incredible team and our commitment to redefining the 4-day work week.    

What’s Next?

Abundance, Incoming, for All.  We are continuing to grow through intense focus on partnering with the best businesses in the top 200 cities in America to deliver against our mission.  

In 2023 we will provide

  • More robust offerings for our business partners, including business coaching for growth, team development tools powered by Cloverleaf and access to business resources.
  • New advertising opportunities on our platform for corporate partners.
  • Curated retreats across the US to support your investment in your whole-self wellness.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, for your partnership and support.  Together, we can change the trajectory of health and wellness in our communities. 

Want to partner with us?  Have an idea? We'd love to hear from you!  Email us at 

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